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Nissan Z

Capri Components carries out Nissan Z race car preparation/modifications for circuit racing & can offer advice & options. We offer a range of Nissan Z car parts.

  • Nissan Z Panels
  • Nissan Z Alternators
  • Nissan Z Camshafts
  • Nissan Z Radiators
  • Nissan Z Complete Engines
  • Nissan Z Headlights
  • Nissan Z Dashboards
  • Nissan Z Diff’s

Capri ComponentsThe 350Z is a front engine rear-wheel-drive two door sports car designed by Ajay Panchal of Nissan Design America.

The vehicle features the long-hood short-deck design common to the Z-Car family. Currently, external design highlights include: sloping fastback style roof line, unique brushed aluminium door handles, high waistline, and bulging fenders that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle.

Interior cabin design is straight forward with brushed aluminium accents. The main gauge pod is mounted directly to the steering column allowing their movement to coincide with steering wheel adjustments. Additional gauges are mounted in a centre triple gauge cluster. The 350Z’s interior does not have a conventional glove box, instead it makes use of various storage compartments located either behind or between the two seats.

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